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Hello. This is where you can find any story of mine that you wish to view. Everything is here, and is organized alphabetically, because I have slight OCD. It runs in the family.

A Taste of Success
PG | Warnings: Alcohol
John shares his chocolate bar with Paul.

And I Love Him
NC17 | Warnings: No sex, abusive!John
Paul needs John to leave before Jane comes home.

Child's Play - part 1
PG13 | Warnings: magic!Paul, drowning
Strange things start happening around the boys.

PG13 | Warnings: Abusive!John
Just another day on tour.

Cyn's Lament
PG | Warnings: none
Jane comes to talk to Cynthia.

NC 17 | Warnings: unseen sex
Sneaking around other people's rooms is never a good idea.

PG | Warnings: Swearing
John can't get Paul out of his mind.

Desire Returned
PG 13 | Warnings: Swearing
Paul's point of view on Desire.

Dirty Little Secret
NC 17 | Warnings: Swearing, drugs, AU, out of time song, if that bothers you
John and Paul get caught, by the press.
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If I Fell: Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
R | Warnings: Sex
John dreams about Paul.

In The Mirror
PG 13 | Warnings: abusive!John is talked about
Paul thinks about his life.

In the Wind: Introduction part 1
PG | Warnings: None
John, Paul, George and Ritchie are the results of an ongoing genetic experiment that's fused their DNA with that of crows. After being kept in cages as experiments all their lives, they've been set free.

It's Darkest Before The Dawn
NC 17 | Warnings: none
Paul realizes how much John really cares about him.

PG | Warnings: none
John's thoughts on him and Paul.

NC 17 | Warnings: Sex, magic!Paul
Paul learns about a fascinating new religion and asks John over to help him dedicate himself

The Most Sensual Word
NC 17 | Warnings: None
John and Paul try to decide what is the most sensual word in English.

The Stars Might Know
PG | Warnings: None
Brian notices John is acting strange.

Weed and Kisses
PG | Warnings: Drug use
John and Paul get stoned together.

You Can't Do That
X | Warnings: Swearing, rape, abusive!John
John catches Paul with a girl and is... upset.

You're Mine
PG 13 | Warnings: abusive!John
John gets upset when he sees Paul flirting.


These Broken Wings: Intro
NC 17 | Warnings: abuse, rape, forced marriage, sex, violence, sci-fi/fantasy setting
Irritated by John's uselessness, Mimi marries him to an older man.
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Oh, also, in case anyone is severely confused, none of this is real.... duh. If I really knew this stuff, I'd write a novel and get rich, like everyone else who even vaguely had some connections to the Beatles.

DLS: Riots from Prison
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: None
Summary: John and Paul have to deal with the repercussions of their actions
Author's Note: So I know the comm has moved to dreamwidth, but in the interest of my Masterpost and continuity, I think it'll make more sense to post the original here, in my original blog. If anything happens, I don't actually have backups, so *shrugs*. I live in hope.

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DLS: Queer Tour, Part 2
Rating: PG 13
warnings: Swearing, drugs, alcohol, the usual
Summary: They meet the leaders of the Stonewall Riots and perform at their event
Author notes: So, first serious thing. I have kind of set this story in mid to late 1965 without being super overt about it because I have trouble with specific time. Anyway, I always knew Ringo and Mo got married in 1965, but apparently it's early 1965, so... I went with my own version anyway because it's too late.
Second serious thing: I have done my absolute best to recreate the historic figures and places as best as I can and with the utmost respect. Again, historical events have been pushed forward as everything is happening a little faster, but I have tried to keep the feeling and authenticity of the places and characters.

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DLS: Queer Tour, Part 1
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: Swearing, drugs
Summary: The boys go on their America tour, as per Harry's orders.
Author's notes: So I think the most shocking thing is that I'm not actually dead or gone, and I am still writing this, which is no doubt a shock to everyone. But here's the next part. I decided to cut it in two to keep to my three pages per post rule that I made for this story.

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DLS: Paris
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Nothing important
Summary: John and Paul spend a week in Paris, recovering.
Author's Notes: Hey, so I didn't die. This story is slowly moving forward. Like how do you all finish whole long stories? It's magic isn't it? How many goats do you have to sacrifice?
Anyway, nothing super important about this chapter. It's mostly fluff.

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In the Wind: Introduction part 1
Author: Me
Rating: PG It will go up later, but not for a while.
Warnings: None. Bird!Beatles
Author Notes: So I'm doing these first because this is a different kind of fic from things I usually write (kind of). Essentially this is a fusion between the Beatles and Maximum Ride (if you've ever read those) except it's with me trying to fix all the scientific inaccuracies, of which there were many. It's set in modern times, and it's fairly out of character, though I tried my best, there are differing behavior habits that just can't be avoided. It's set in modern times, as it'd be impossible otherwise, except maybe in the future. So, yeah. I'll have some more notes at the end about some of the science.
If you guys like it, I'll post some more of the story. With pictures. :)
Summary: John, Paul, George and Ritchie are the results of an ongoing genetic experiment that's fused their DNA with that of crows. After being kept in cages as experiments all their lives, they've been set free.

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More Author Notes: Firstly, I'd like to say feel free to ask me any questions whatsoever. I have done extensive research for this fic, so if you're wondering anything at all about the science basis, like how I chose the shape/color of the wings, or how fast they can fly, or their weight, I will be more than happy to splurge. But I do want to get one thing out of the way regardless. One might wonder, rightly, why the boys don't just have wings, and why they have differing eyesight, taste, etc. The fact is that you need more than a wing structure in order to create a flying being. In our case, hollow bones, a blood creating structure on the outside of the bones, larger lung capacity, more nerve ending to match the wings, etc, etc. Not to mention a wing is a complex structure, with very specific feather shape and size. So it's not like transplanting one gene. More than likely, to start the attempt they would use the 'throw everything at a wall and see what sticks method', and start with transplanting whole chromosomes and refining from there. So I used that to my advantage to give them 'powers' that are totally compatible with science unlike some books I could mention. *cough cough* Maximum Ride *cough cough* (Which, really? How do you get telepathy and gills from mixing a human with a bird?) Along with that I've altered some of their basic instincts about living groups and such.

DLS: Our House in Shambles
Author: Me, as usual
Rating: NC17
Warnings: None.
Summary: The fallout from the last chapter. Considering it was so long ago: John has definitely lost Jules to Cynthia
Author Notes: Heyyy! Sorry I've been gone for so long, but I warned everyone this would happen to start with, so.... Anyway, I have been busy writing something else that I might post, but I also might not because it's fairly out of character and I don't approve of that nonsense. (Me and imabeatlemaniac are enjoying it a lot anyway, though, so I might post it just for kicks) Oh, also, I put in some of my original poetry in, because at 3 AM that seems like the right thing to do. Anyway, here's the next chapter of Dirty Little Secret! Enjoy!

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Author: Me
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: John's thoughts on him and Paul
Author's Note: So I'm sorry this isn't my long piece, again, but these things just happen. Mostly because I've been writing every night in order to track my emotional stability, but still. They happen. Anyway, I'm trying to work on DLS as well, so don't worry.

If he was going to admit it to himself, he loved Paul.Collapse )

A/N: Just curious, because usually when I see this kind of dynamic on TV I'm upset and annoyed at Mr. Self Righteous, so imagine my amazement when I write a piece sympathizing with him. What's your opinion, should John tell Paul?

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Author: ME
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Nothing, really. I mean, except for the rating.
Summary: Sneaking around other people's rooms is never a good idea. (I know, it's a crappy summary, just go with me on this one)
Author's Note: So this just came to me when I was supposed to be doing research, so I have now passed it on to you. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my procrastination.

George searched through the suitcase...Collapse )

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DLS: Nothing To Do
Rating: PG 13
Warnings: It's a little bit of a sad chapter.
Summary: Even with all their victories, some things are beyond their reach.
Author's note: Hey! So I haven't finished the ghost thing, probably because Supernatural is back on and I don't feel quite as strongly drawn to, well, the supernatural at the moment. It will probably eventually be finished, but don't wait up for it. Anyway, here is this! I liked this chapter a lot. :)

We can try, John.Collapse )

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